Alternatives to Pesticide Usage: How to keep yard safe for pets
Pet Friendly Terrain

I stopped using chemicals on my lawn, garden and plantings years ago. My reasons were and still are for the health of my pets, me and the wildlife.

When I first started weeding by hand I have to admit it was hard work. Our soil can be very hard. I learned it’s all about timing. You have to pull them before they go to seed and preferably after a good rain. Most years I can catch them and it sure pays off the next year! Now my 2 acre property is very low maintenance when it comes to weeds.

Pet Friednly YardAnother benefit of having a weed free property is that I don’t get weeds popping-up in the cracks of the driveway or the paver walkways. No more digging my knife around those darn pavers.

The next thing was to purchase a mulching lawn mower. I haven’t fertilized my lawn’s in 8 years! They are green, thick and more drought tolerant than before. I also have less urine burn spots from my 3 dogs.

There is one pesticide I haven’t been able to quit…ant spray. I don’t use it on ants but black widow spiders. My area is loaded with them. I had one dog get bit by something one year that caused her face to swell terribly. The vet thought it was a spider bite. So now I make sure the area’s where my dogs hang-out are as black widow free as possible. I make sure my dogs are the house before using. I noticed years ago that dogs try to lick it!

greedypets.comWhen it comes to fleas, I don’t seem to have many. My house has wood floors which helps tremendously! Carpeting is just gross when you have a lot of pets and allergies. I made the switch to wood 4 years ago and love it. It’s warmer and softer on the feet than tile. No grout to clean either.

So those are my main areas where I could avoid using pesticides around my pets. I’m more conscience now about cleaning products that I use in the home as well. I’ll save that for another day.

About greedymom

I am a Minnesota transplant enjoying the California sun. My lifelong passion for animals came from my wonderful father. He was a Dairy Farmer, Horse Breeder and Trainer. I truly enjoy caring for my many pets and our local wildlife. I chose the name Greedypets because of the amount of time and money I have invested over the years in training, veterinary care, food, toys, equipment, learning and more. Owning a pet is a lifetime commitment for our family. I do everything I can to ensure their safety, health and happiness. My greedy pets are my dearest companions and protectors.