Feeding Schedule for Dogs: Why it’s important!

Dog bowlI originally started a true feeding schedule when I got my second dog. One dog was easy to tell when something was wrong but with two it became more challenging.

My schedule consists of putting down their food at roughly the same times each day. I give them no more than 15 minutes to eat otherwise I’ll remove it until the next feeding. I will keep an eye on the one who didn’t eat to make sure there aren’t any other symptoms that would cause me to become concerned

At one point I did try the free feeding method that I read somewhere and all I got were ants everywhere. Rottweiler’s for example, are more greedy than others and free feeding just wasn’t an option for them.

Over the years a feeding schedule has helped me in recognizing a possible problem. I now have 4 dogs which makes it crucial in knowing who ate in case someone gets sick or if someone is not eating at all.

Another benefit of regularly scheduled meals is knowing that a stool movement isn’t far behind. If you’ve ever had to collect a fresh sample for the vet then you know what I mean!

The first symptom my Australian Shepherd showed before I knew he had heart disease was when I watched him eat. He would eat a little bit and then sit over his food a few minutes then eat a little more and so on. It was weird. Then he would throw-up occasionally. So I took him to the vet and it led to a diagnosis of heart disease. Apparently indigestion is one of the symptoms.

Feeding time is a very important routine. Watch your dogs for a few minutes during and after their meal’s for any strange signs or problems.

About greedymom

I am a Minnesota transplant enjoying the California sun. My lifelong passion for animals came from my wonderful father. He was a Dairy Farmer, Horse Breeder and Trainer. I truly enjoy caring for my many pets and our local wildlife. I chose the name Greedypets because of the amount of time and money I have invested over the years in training, veterinary care, food, toys, equipment, learning and more. Owning a pet is a lifetime commitment for our family. I do everything I can to ensure their safety, health and happiness. My greedy pets are my dearest companions and protectors.