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Home Coyote protection has been on my mind since reading several stories in our local newspaper about Coyotes jumping 6 foot fences and attacking family pets. Not just small dogs either, one was a Rottweiler that was killed! I had previously felt that my 3 large dogs were safe from attack but now I’m worried!

I personally lost a cat to a Coyote attack. She was a stray that called our property home and would sleep on our front porch. From the evidence, this brazen animal jumped our front yard chain link fence and snatched her while she was sleeping by our front door. That’s too close for comfort.

Then I saw the news cast below that really struck home. They interviewed some people who have experienced their pets being attacked and their reactions were the same as mine.

Coyote Roller states they’re the worlds best pet protection system!  The Coyote Rollers are a patented ribbed roller that mounts to the top of your fence. When a coyote or other predator tries to jump your fence to attack your pets, it requires them to grab hold of the top of a fence. With Coyote Rollers in place, the animals will fall right off of your fence and will not be able to jump over.

Years ago we had a male cockapoo dog that loved to jump our back fence. We ended up stringing a double row of electric fence wire, no electricity used, along the top of our wood fence to stop him. So if you own a dog that likes to jump fences then this will keep them in too!

Coyote Rollers are manufactured here in the USA of the highest quality materials which will withstand the elements for a lifetime. The Coyote Roller is constructed of specially designed aluminum tubing, UV resistant polymeric materials, and stainless steel components. The system requires no power source, and needs practically no maintenance.

Here are a few important notes taken from their website FAQ’s :

  • Fence needs to be at least 6 ft. high to be Effective
  • More Humane than Barbed Wire or Electric Fence
  • Do It Yourself
  • 4 ft. Lengths which can be cut to size

Definitely a great option to consider if you live in Coyote country or have dogs who love to escape!

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