Outdoor Drinking Fountain For Dogs


With 4 large dogs it's hard to keep their drinking water clean. We used a large horse bucket which has been the best so far but they would stand in it with their front feet to cool off or just play. Dirt and other muck was a problem. Also mosquito larva is challenging to control in the warmer months. So I searched and this seemed to be the best alternative. Their immediate response was good. All 4 lined up to take a drink!

I will write a follow-up as to its durability and any other unforeseen drawbacks. Also, I will be keeping our horse bucket for a back-up due to the fact that if there's a power outage they'll need another source for water.

updated 8/4/2012

It's been over a month since we started using this dog fountain…
The only issue I've had is the power cord. Someone decided to chew it a little. So I moved the placement so as to run it under our outdoor area rug as much as possible. I guess they lost interest and have left it alone.

The filter and inside housing needs to be cleaned weekly (gets slimmy). I replaced the filter once because it started to smell. So monthly replacement in a house of 4 dogs is expected. When the water level gets a little low you get a nice fountain trickle sound that's relaxing!

Update 2/11/2015

Over 2 years now and our dogs drinking fountain is still running strong. I have to scrub the white base monthly, but more often when it's hot (summer), otherwise it'll turn green with algae. I'm very happy.

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