Canine Soft Tissue Sarcoma: What a scare…

Roxy, our 6-year-old Rottie, just had a Sarcoma removed from her hip area today. We caught it while it was small, quarter size bump. Biopsy results due in a week. The vet said it look’s to be cancerous…great. It was one year ago that we lost Rudy, our 7-year-old Australian Shepherd, to Heart Disease. And Ike, our Arabian horse, to Colic.

What’s going on with the health of our pets? I’ve had all kinds of animals my whole life and until the last 10 years they’ve lived to a ripe old age! Makes me wonder about our environment. I can control their food quality, not use any kind of pesticides, filter their water and minimize vaccinations but something is affecting their quality of life. And ours!

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I am a Minnesota transplant enjoying the California sun. My lifelong passion for animals came from my wonderful father. He was a Dairy Farmer, Horse Breeder and Trainer. I truly enjoy caring for my many pets and our local wildlife. I chose the name Greedypets because of the amount of time and money I have invested over the years in training, veterinary care, food, toys, equipment, learning and more. Owning a pet is a lifetime commitment for our family. I do everything I can to ensure their safety, health and happiness. My greedy pets are my dearest companions and protectors.

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